Pediatric ENT

At Freedman ENT, one of our primary missions is to provide comprehensive, advanced, high-quality care that is family-centered and greatly improves the overall health of our pediatric patients. For nearly four decades, our certified professionals have been serving families throughout Metro Detroit, Michigan with services that are tailored to the needs, goals, and desires of each and every patient. As a renowned ear, nose, throat physician, Dr. Michael Freedman is proud to provide pediatric ENT diagnostic and treatment services to patients.

About Pediatric ENT

Dr. Freedman understands the importance of being able to provide effective solutions to young patients and their families who have been searching for answers. Our goal is to diagnose every child’s condition at an early stage so we can better provide corrective care that yields optimal results and improves his or her well-being. Our doctors gain the trust of their young patients by opening the window of communication in a non-threatening, easy-to-understand way. By discussing a child’s symptoms and treatment options in terms that he or she can clearly understand, he or she is more likely to trust our team and feel reassured, cared for, and safe. Parents are consistently amazed at our staff’s ability to get their children to open up and feel at ease.

Our Specialized Pediatric Services

From inner ear infections to sore throats, persistent migraines to allergies, and audiology concerns to hearing impairments, Freedman ENT tailors our approach to helping your child regain his or her health and comfort. Often, children don’t understand why they aren’t feeling well or can’t effectively communicate symptoms they are suffering from; however, our specialists are able to guide them toward accurately expressing themselves in terms they feel comfortable using.

Our diverse resources within our world-class facilities and our partnership with prominent nationally recognized hospitals allow our team to be on the cusp of revolutionary advances within pediatric ENT. At Freedman ENT, we are dedicated to utilizing all available resources to determine the cause of your child’s symptoms and formulate the most effective treatment plan possible. The pediatric services that we offer include:


No matter what condition your child suffers from, our team will work with specialists to configure an optimal plan that improves his or her overall health.